Best Neckband Under 2500

7 Best Neckband Under 2500

Many people like using neckbands more than small wireless earbuds because they are easy to lose, and their phone call quality is just okay.
But finding the best neckband under 2500 is tricky because there are few good options in that price range.
If you are on a budget? No worries, We’re here to help you pick the best Bluetooth neckband that costs less than 2500 bucks. So, which one is the best? Let’s figure that out together!

Wireless Neckbands Under Rs 2500 Our Top Recommendations

OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 ANC 12.4mm dynamic Driver,IP 55 water resistant, 45dB ANC, 20 hours batteryCheck Price
boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+Upto 60 Hours Playback, ASAP Charge, IPX7, Dual Pairing and Bluetooth v5.2Check Price
OPPO Enco M32Up to 25 Hrs Battery Life,10mm Driver, IP55 Dust & Water Resistant ,Magnetic Power ControlCheck Price
Realme Buds Wireless 3Upto 30 Hours Playback, Fast Charging, 45ms Low Latency for Gaming,Dual Device Connection, 13.6mm Dynamic Bass Driver, 30dB ANCCheck Price
EDYELL C6 IPX5 water proof ,Type-C Fast Charge,10mm Driver, BT 5.2, 60+ hours battery, Ultra Low-LatencyCheck Price
CrossBeats Shuffl ProAI Environmental Noise Cancelling, 13mm Drivers, 72Hrs Playtime, Fast Charging ,40ms Low Latency, BT v5.2 Check Price
Sony WI-C100Customizable Equalizer for Deep Bass & 25 Hrs Battery, DSEE-Upscale, Splash Proof, 360RA, Fast Pair, in-Ear Bluetooth Headset with mic for Phone Calls Check Price

How to Choose Best Neckband Under 2500 (Buying Guide)

If you’re looking for the best neckband under Rs 2500, consider several factors before making a purchase.

  1. Audio Quality: Look for neckbands with good sound clarity and powerful bass.
  2. Battery Life: Consider the battery life offered by the neckbands, especially if you plan to use them for extended periods.
  3. Comfort and Durability: Check for flexible and soft materials that ensure comfort during prolonged use. Also, consider the durability of the neckband, especially if you plan to use it during workouts or outdoor activities.
  4. Connectivity and Features: Look for Bluetooth connectivity, noise-cancellation, and hands-free calling.
  5. Price: Set a budget and look for neckbands that offer the best value within that range.

By considering these factors and the recommended neckbands, you can make an informed decision to purchase the Affordable Neckband Headsets Under 2500 INR.

1. OnePlus Bullets Z2 Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones

Best Neckband Under Rs 2500
(image source Amazon)

Revolutionize your music game with the OnePlus Bullets Z2 Bluetooth Wireless Earphones – the ultimate treat for music lovers! Imagine this: a mere 10-minute charge catapults you into 20 hours of non-stop tunes. Yep, you read that correctly – instant music bliss.

Let’s talk about that bass – it’s not just bass, it’s bombastic. The 12.4 mm drivers deliver beats so deep you’ll feel them in your soul. These earphones turn your music into a live concert right in your ears.

Now, battery life. We’re not talking hours; we’re talking days. You’re looking at a mind-blowing up to 20 hours of uninterrupted music with a single charge. Never worry about your playlist cutting short again.

But it’s not just about volume; it’s about crystal-clear audio. The titanium coating dome ensures that every note is delivered with precision. No distortion, just pure, silky-smooth playback.
And for the folks always on the move – these earphones are water and sweat-resistant. Rain or shine, your OnePlus Bullets Z2 is up for the challenge, ready to be your trusty sidekick on all your adventures.

In a nutshell, these earphones are not just tech – they’re a lifestyle. Elevate your audio game, embrace the beats, and redefine your music experience with the OnePlus Bullets Z2. Ready to make every moment musical? Hit that order button now! Your ears will thank you.


  1. Stylish and Decent Looks
  2. Comfortable and Lightweight
  3. IP55 Rating water and sweat resistant
  4. Easy Pairing Process
  5. 20-hour long battery life and fast charging capabilities.
  6. Well-constructed, using skin-friendly materials


  1. Bulky Neckband
  2. Limited Color Option
  3. Button-Centric Controls

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2. boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ 

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ Bluetooth Neckband with Upto 60 Hours Playback,...

Elevate your audio experience with the boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+, the best neckband under 2500. Unleash the power of uninterrupted playback with an astounding 60-hour battery backup. Say goodbye to charging worries as a mere 10-minute ASAP Charge fuels your day with 10 hours of immersive audio.

Crafted for the modern lifestyle, these neckband earphones boast 10mm drivers, delivering the unbeatable boAt signature sound. Whether you’re in the gym, outdoors, or commuting, the IPX7 rating ensures they can handle any environment. Embrace a tangle-free life with the magnetic earbuds, adding convenience to your on-the-go lifestyle.

The intuitive multi-function integrated controls put the power in your hands, allowing you to effortlessly manage volume, play, and pause with ease. Experience the freedom of connecting two devices simultaneously through dual pairing, thanks to advanced BT 5.2 technology.

Stay connected to your world with a single press voice assistant feature. Check the weather, stay updated with the latest news, or get live cricket scores effortlessly using Google or Siri. The boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ isn’t just an accessory; it’s an extension of your lifestyle.

Live a wireless life, embrace the extraordinary, and redefine your audio journey with theTop-Rated Neckband Headphones for Less Than 2500 Rupees. Upgrade to superior sound and seamless connectivity. Make the smart choice today!

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ Pros:

  1. Impressive Battery Life
  2. ASAP Charge Feature
  3. Unbeatable Sound Quality
  4. IPX7 Rating against water and dust
  5. Dual Pairing Capability
  6. Magnetic Earbuds
  7. Google and Siri Voice Assistant

boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ Cons:

  1. Limited Play/Pause Functionality

In summary, the boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ offers an array of advantageous features, including exceptional battery life, quick charging, and impressive sound quality. However, the absence of play/pause functionality with the magnetic earbuds is a notable limitation

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3. OPPO Enco M32

Wirless Neckband Under 2500 Rupees

Meet the OPPO Enco M32 Affordable Neckband Headsets – where excellent sound meets affordability.

Get 20 hours of playtime with just a 10-minute charge and enjoy 28 hours on an entire order. The 10mm driver delivers killer bass and crystal-clear highs for a concert-like experience.

This headset is not just about music – they’re practical, too. The magnetic power control turns them on when you separate and off when you stick them together. Plus, with an IP55 dust and water-resistant rating, they’re built to handle your everyday adventures.

There are no frills, just fantastic sounds without breaking the bank. Ready for an upgrade? Grab your OPPO Enco M32 now and enjoy your music your way.


  1. Exceptional Sound Quality
  2. Up to 20 hours Battery Life and Fast Charging
  3. Dual Pairing Feature
  4. Efficient Connectivity
  5. Effective Noise Cancellation
  6. Affordable Pricing


  1. Plastic build quality and Wire tangle
  2. Average Bass

In conclusion, the Oppo Enco M32 emerges as a strong contender in its price range, offering impressive sound quality, convenient features, and solid battery performance. While there are minor ergonomic concerns and considerations about the build, its affordability makes it a compelling choice.

4. realme Buds Wireless 3 

Embark on an unparalleled auditory adventure with the realme Buds Wireless 3, a testament to innovation and superior design.

The groundbreaking 13.6mm dynamic bass driver sets the stage for an immersive listening experience, delivering crystal-clear mid and high frequencies while plunging you deep into the heart of the bass.

As you don these stylish earbuds, the 30dB Active Noise Cancellation becomes your ticket to an oasis of tranquility, blocking out the chaos of the outside world and transforming every beat into pure bliss.

Step into a realm of sonic wonder with the 360° Spatial Audio Effect, where sound envelops you from every direction, creating a three-dimensional journey for your senses.

With an impressive 40 hours of playback on a single charge powered by Dart Charge, your music will seamlessly accompany you throughout the week.

Whether you’re a multitasker or a gaming enthusiast, the realme Buds Wireless 3 has you covered. Switch effortlessly between devices with Dual-device Connection, simplify your life, and enjoy an ultra-low latency of 45ms for a gaming experience like no other.

The IP55 Dust & Water Resistance rating makes these earbuds versatile, ready to accompany you through workouts or light rain.

Elevate your lifestyle with the Realme Buds Wireless 3—where innovation meets impeccable design and the Best Wireless Neckbands on a Budget.

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5. EDYELL C6 130H Neckband Earphone 

Wireless Earphones under 2500 INR

The EDYELL C6 130H Neckband Earphone – is the epitome of wireless audio excellence. Elevate your auditory experience with cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design, ensuring a seamless blend of style and functionality.

Thanks to the dual massive battery backup, embark on an unprecedented musical journey with 130 hours of playtime. Whether grooving to your favorite tunes, making crystal-clear calls, or engaging in video conferencing, these neckband earphones are your reliable companion for all occasions.

The extended 3cm cord, coupled with three sizes of silicone earpieces, ensures a snug fit, allowing you to revel in music, even during intense workouts or travel. The magnetic earpiece design adds a touch of convenience, securely holding the earbuds in place without obstructing your line of sight.

Experience the convenience of Type-C fast charging, enabling a quick 420-minute playback on just a two-hour charge—the Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity guarantees swift and automatic pairing with your devices, delivering an immersive listening experience. With ultra-low latency, enjoy seamless phone calls without signal loss, surpassing conventional noise-canceling earbuds.

Compatible with a wide array of devices, including Android, iOS, tablets, PCs, TVs, and laptops, these earphones support AAC and SBC dual decoding. Plus, with a 6-month Edyell India Warranty, rest assured that our customer service is always ready to assist you.

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Unleash the power of superior audio technology – make the EDYELL C6 130H Neckband Earphone your ultimate choice. Elevate your sound, elevate your style. Act now and experience audio nirvana!

6. CrossBeats Shuffl Pro Neckband Bluetooth Earphones

CrossBeats Shuffl Pro Neckband Bluetooth Earphones
(image credit Amazon)

The CrossBeats Shuffle Pro is the ultimate audio companion that transcends traditional boundaries. Elevate your listening experience with unrivaled advantages designed to redefine the way you immerse yourself in sound.

Unleash the power of 13mm Dynamic Drivers and EchoBlast technology, crafting a symphony that resonates with crystal-clear precision. Dive into your favorite tunes with a built-in subwoofer, providing a bass-heavy experience that sets the Shuffl apart as the segment’s first neckband.

Embark on an uninterrupted auditory journey with an astounding 72 hours of playtime, ensuring your music accompanies you on every adventure. Say goodbye to gaming interruptions with an unprecedented 40ms Low Latency. This feature makes Shuffl the true gaming partner you’ve longed for.

Revolutionize your charging experience with SnapCharge™ – just 10 minutes of charging grants you 12 hours of playtime. The Shuffl adapts to your lifestyle, offering a perfect blend of convenience and technology.

Crafted for the practical Indian youth, Shuffl combines maximum comfort with style. Anti-bacterial ear tips and a shark fin hook guarantee a snug fit during your daily runs or intense workout sessions.

It’s not just an earphone; it’s your boombox, delivering pro bass graphene drivers that ensure your playlist resonates loudly, clearly, and immersively.

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7. Sony WI-C100 Wireless Earphones

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Get ready for a mind-blowing audio experience with the Sony WI-C100 Wireless Headphones! These in-ear Bluetooth wonders turn your personal music journey into a full-on concert.

Ever wished your music could sound exactly the way you like it? Well, with these headphones, you can fine-tune the bass to match your taste. Plus, there’s this nifty Headphones Connect app for both Android and iOS, giving you even more control over your sound.

Whether you’re out for a jog or caught in the rain, these headphones are up for the challenge. They’re splash-proof and sweat-proof, so a little water won’t ruin your vibe. And check this out—the battery life is incredible, lasting up to a whopping 25 hours! Need a quick power-up? Just 10 minutes of charging gives you a solid hour of music.

The sound quality is top-notch, thanks to a technology that brings back all those high notes you might miss otherwise. And when you’re on a call, the built-in microphone ensures your voice comes through loud and clear.

Controlling these headphones is a breeze with buttons for play, pause, changing tracks, and adjusting the volume. They’re designed to sit comfortably around your neck, staying securely in place no matter what you’re up to.

Go for the stylish Blue color to add a touch of flair to your look. And with Sony, you get a 1-year warranty, so you can enjoy your music worry-free.

Say goodbye to ordinary headphones and welcome the extraordinary sound of the Sony WI-C100. Ready to elevate your music experience?

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Picking the best Bluetooth neckband under Rs 2500 requires considering factors like sound quality, battery life, comfort, and price. The OnePlus Bullets Z2 offers bombastic bass and lasting battery life with water-resistant features.

The boAt Rockerz 255 Pro+ stands out for its exceptional battery and sound quality, though it lacks some play/pause functionality. The OPPO Enco M32 strikes a balance between affordability and impressive sound.

The realme Buds Wireless 3 and EDYELL C6 showcase innovation with active noise cancellation and extended battery life. The CrossBeats Shuffl Pro and Sony WI-C100 provide unique advantages like subwoofer technology and extended playtime.

To simplify your decision, align your preferences with each neckband’s features. Whether you prioritize audio quality, battery life, or extra functionalities, the recommendations and buying guide aim to assist you in choosing a user-friendly and budget-friendly wireless neckband that suits your needs. Elevate your audio experience conveniently within your budget with these wireless neckband.

Best Budget Neckband Earbuds

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